Spring Colds…

The budding beginning of Spring is an enchanting time of year. As the weather starts to warm slightly, birds sing more and flowers bloom out loud. Even bumble bees are a nice addition to the aesthetic of Spring, so long as they keep their distance, of course.

Now, not to be Debbie Downer, but I could completely skip over Spring altogether, thank you very much. The combination of outrageously high pollen counts and Georgia weather that can’t decide between hot and cold so it settles for extremes on both ends every other day, I find myself reduced to a small weakling cradling my sinus pressured head that does not respond to Tylenol or allergy medicine. With finals coming up next week, this is a most inopportune time for this nonsense.

On the plus side, the Harry Potter films are all available for free right now on Xfinity On Demand. I have, as of current, watched “…and the Sorcerers Stone” four times and “Chamber of Secrets” twice. Mostly because I fall asleep during them and therefore have only actually watched pieces each time. Also mostly because I need to cheer up, and the first two Harry Potter’s have always helped.

Though the movies leave much to be desired in comparison with the books, there is whimsical naivety in the visual rhetoric that can make any of my woes disappear. For me, the innocence of Harry’s first meeting Hagrid, first trip to Diagon Alley, and later his first visit to the Weasley house hold a special place in my heart. Sure, Harry goes on to fulfill his destiny as “the chosen one” who restores order in the magic world against he who must not be named, but it was the moments when Harry was allowed to bask in his new status as a wizard that impress me most. For me, this aspect alone would have sufficed as a story.


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