Learning to Fly…

In 24 hours, I will be awaiting my time to board my first flight. Fear, for me, is inevitable with every new adventure I embark on, but my fear with this one is mostly in the fact that this is just not something I “do.” Thus far, all of my dreams and aspirations have played out solely in my imagination.

I guess my longing to travel, especially to California, started when I first saw Lucy and the gang do it (Season 4, Episode 13). Now that, finally, it is really happening, I find myself confused as to what to make of it.

My whole life has changed drastically in these past few months, and I find myself questioning every decision I make even more. My uncertainty comes from my lack of comprehension of my willingness to step so far outside of my comfort zone, the fact that I am seizing opportunities rather than strategically planning my way to avoid them.

So with that, I channel my inner Lucy, Tom Petty and willingness to enjoy the ride and bask in the California sun. California, here we come!


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